New Evidence for the 10th Century BCE at Tel Gezer


Ortiz, S.M. & Wolff, S.R., 2021. New Evidence for the 10th Century BCE at Tel Gezer. Jerusalem Journal of Archaeology , 1 , pp. 221-240. Copy at
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Recent excavations at Tel Gezer have systematically revealed a broad exposure west of the Iron Age gate complex (popularly referred to as the “Solomonic Gate”). This report focuses on the occupation layers of the 10th century BCE (our Strata 8 and 7, dated by 14C and ceramic analyses). Stratum 8 represents a unique period of Gezer’s history when the city experienced a major shift in urban planning, as evidenced by a monumental administrative building and casemate fortifications that are associated with the Iron Age gate. This city was intensely destroyed, probably as a result of Sheshonq’s campaign. Stratum 7, which was also destroyed, exhibits a major shift to domestic quarters.

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