Jerusalem Journal of Archaeology (JJAR) is an open-access, peer-reviewed, multi-disciplinary journal that publishes original papers on the archaeology and cultural history of the Levant and adjacent regions. The Journal accepts papers dealing with all aspects of the ancient Near East and Levantine archaeology from the Lower Paleolithic to the present. The editors particularly welcome original interdisciplinary studies that incorporate methodologies of various fields to open new horizons of archaeological research.

Volume 3 (2022)

Special Issue: Natural Caves and Underground Artificial Features

Guest editor: Yinon Shivtiel


Volume 2 (2021–2022)

Special Issue: Epigraphic Studies

Editors: Yosef Garfinkel and Avraham Faust


Volume 1 (2021)

Special Issue: State Formation Processes in the 10th Century BCE Levant

Editors: Avraham Faust, Yosef Garfinkel, and Madeline Mumcuoglu