Kingdom of Judah

Garfinkel, Y., 2021. The 10th Century BCE in Judah: Archaeology and the Biblical Tradition. Jerusalem Journal of Archaeology , 1 , pp. 126-154.Abstract

In the framework of the regional project in the Judean Shephelah, which

started in 2007, four sites were investigated: Khirbet Qeiyafa, Khirbet el-Ra‘i,

Socoh, and Lachish. The data for the 10th century is presented here together

with the relevant biblical traditions. The data is analyzed according to an urban

geography model and the gradual development and territorial expansion of the

Kingdom of Judah is suggested.


Dever, W.G., 2021. Solomon, Scripture, and Science: The Rise of the Judahite State in the 10th Century BCE. Jerusalem Journal of Archaeology , 1 , pp. 102-125.Abstract

This paper compares evidence from stratified sites that are well dated by radiocarbon analyses, ceramic typology, and a critical reading of the pertinent texts of the Hebrew Bible. The results show that by the 10th century BCE in Judah we have a polity that represents a centralized state or kingdom. It was likely ruled by Solomon, even if the “larger-than-life” portrait of the Bible is exaggerated.